Culling through the Anthurian archives

Posted on 03 March 2010

Thankfully I have been able to recover a number of posts from previous versions of; unfortunately many of those posts are woefully out-dated and contain numerous broken links. For the time being, I plan on continuing with the “Historical Perspective” posts until I can figure out what direction I’d like to take this site in.

What I find most dis-heartening is the amount of work I’d done in anticipation of re-launching back in 2005-06 that is no longer valid or timely. In going through my resources and un-finished articles, I’m discovering a wealth of half-finished thoughts, incomplete articles, and essays, which — at the time — were wonderful. Alas, they are no longer so. After more than five years the content may still be worthwhile but what is its context? How much still holds true and what has time and technology surpassed?

At this point the big question is: what is What does it represent? Where do I want to take it? What should I do with it?

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