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Anthurian is a name given to a town in a short story I wrote while riding on the bus. I asked some friends for a fictitious name, and this is the first one that was offerred. Anthurian has many different incarnations: as a small rural town, as a locale in a short series of science fiction stories, but mostly as the setting for my thoughts.

About Anthony V Parcero

I have over 13 years in applications production and development. I currently employed as a Coordinator of Technical Design and Development for Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES and EduTech overseeing the production and development of their Datamentor and AccelerateU products.

For more information about my project management, marketing, design, and Web development experience, please visit my Portfolio

About this Site

Version 1: The first iteration of the Anthurian site was done using ASP with a lot of includes and useless geegaws. Mostly brochure-ware, it did contain a lot of my poetry, prose, and artwork but there was very little to update and the actual design of the site restricted its growth potential.

Version 2: The underlying technology wasn’t really too fancy. Although it had an “ASP” as an extension, I wasn’t making very much use of the actual ASP technology. With the old version of the site (Version 1.0), I was using ASP but that got to be a management nightmare so, although there were a few instances of ASP usage here and there, it was mostly just plain vanilla HTML, JavaScript, and minimal CSS. It was at this point that I moved away from a strictly static site to a blog and started using the (pre-Google) Blogger engine for writing my posts.

Version 3: The previous version of the site (for the most part) used valid XHTML and CSS with minimal reliance upon JavaScript and a tables-based layout (for browser-compatability reasons). After switching over to a new hosting provider, the Version 3 codebase relied upon ColdFusion for any added extras but kept the underlying Blogger engine. I did add my own version of a comment engine to this iteration of the site so that people could actually let me know what they are thinking about my rants . But, after Blogger was bought by Google and underwent a series of updates and upgrades, my homegrown system started to fall apart piece-by-piece until nothing was working. The final straw was my discovery that almost every search engine which spidered my site (especially Google!) couldn’t get my Archive URL structure correct.

Version 4: After months of work — during which Anthurian was completely down — version 4 was a new site from the ground up, no longer relying on the Blogger engine or kludge code. This time I’d switched to WordPress (v1.0) but with my own theme using valid XHTML and CSS. Besides the move to WordPress, the biggest thing I had done was to clean up of all the archives to make them as consistent as possible (in terms of the underlying code) and to remove as many dead links as I could find. Unfortunately, this version is pretty much lost to the archives of the Web…

Purgatorio: And lo, the life did intervene. And sometimes it was bad. And sometimes it was worse. And sometimes it was meh. And then things did improve for the better. But, through it all, Anthurian lay upon the rocks and languisheth for years.

Version 5: So here we are. Let’s kick this pig and get things started again! Using the latest version of WordPress, it’s unclear what direction I will take Anthurian in. Enjoy the ride!

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