Franken-Rye P.A.

Posted on 12 October 2010

Over the past year, I collected up various leftover grains that were sitting on the shelf waiting to be used. I usually buy a bit more ingredients than I need and so I decided to put a few of these grains together for a mix-and-match beer.

I also wanted to use some of the Nugget hops I’d collected from this year’s hop harvest. Unfortunately, I don’t know what the exact IBUs are for the hops so I can only blindly guess at the final bitterness of the beer once it’s finished. This is the first year that I’ve grown Nugget hops so I’m expecting that the IBUs will be a bit low.

Here’s the Franken-Rye P.A. recipe:

Franken-Rye P.A.
BJCP Category: 14B (American IPA)
2 lb Rye malt
2 lb American 2-row malt
1 1/2 lb Carapils
8 oz Crystal 60deg;L
4 oz Crystal 90deg;L
3 lb Muntons Extra Light DME (60)
1 lb clover honey (10)
Boil Additions
1 oz Nugget (~10% IBUs?, 60)
0.8 oz Nugget (~10% IBUs?, 10)
1 tsp Irish moss (10)
1 oz Nugget (~10% IBUs?, secondary)
1 Activator package Wyeast 1056 (American Ale)
Original Gravity: 1.068
Estimated Final Gravity: 1.016
Alcohol: 5.35% (ABW), 6.85% (ABV)

Since my mashtun is a converted 2 gallon cooler, I had to split my grains into two batches and do 2 different mash/sparge cycles. This didn’t turn out to be too hard although it was pretty time-consuming (especially when considering the fact that I did a 90 minute boil, as well).

Mash Cycle (repeat process for each batch of grains)
140°F for 60 minutes
150°F for 30 minutes
2 gallon sparge at 170°F

Despite the lengthy, convoluted brewing process, everything went off without a hitch (as opposed to another brew day in the recent past). After a week fermenting at about 60-62°F, there is still steady activity and bubbling in the airlock. I’m planning on racking the beer to secondary after another week in primary and I’ll add the remaining ounce of Nugget hops for dry-hopping at that point.

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