Visudyne (Novartis)

Site: Visudyne
Client: Novartis Ophthalmics, Inc.
URL: (retired)
  • Announce launch and FDA approval of Visudyne and Visudyne treatment for Age-Related Macular Degeneration (“AMD”)
  • Provide doctors, patients, and family members with information about AMD
  • Establish a database of doctors offering Visudyne therapy, which was offered to potential patients and their families
  • Serve as resource for press materials and general information related to various campaigns and outreach initiatives related to Visudyne and AMD

Main goal of site redesign was to update the look and feel of the Visudyne Web site, making the interface and content more accessible based on Section 508 compliance guidelines. In accordance with this, the overall interface was simplified with functionality for dynamically increasing font size being added so users with vision-impairments could have access to site content.

Based on statistical data gleaned from LiveStats reports of the old Visudyne Web site, certain areas of content were repositioned to increase visibility and traffic, while site content was generally updated or out-dated information was removed.

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