Search for Tropic-Ana (Tropicana)

 Search for Tropic-ana
Site: Search for Tropic-Ana
Client: Tropicana®
URL: (retired)
  • Present Golden Anniversary Carafe
  • Find new Tropic-Ana spokes kid
  • Provide press materials and other information related to contest and Tropicana® Anniversary

The Search for Tropic-Ana Web site went from initial design, through development, and launched within 1 month of original project inception. The Search for Tropic-Ana site has a shelf-life of around 1 year or the term of the contest plus additional time to announce the contest results.

Besides providing the necessary background information and contest rules related to finding a new Tropicana spokes kid, there is also history, a trivia quiz (with limited functionality — the questions are not scored but users are taken to the correct answer, which is highlighted, upon submitting their answer).

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