Posted on 24 January 2019

Some times a random memory comes to you when you least expect it:

There was one night Savanna and I were coming home on the bus – I know Louisa was there, not sure if it was Emily or Judy with her – and the people started throwing vegetables at this one man. I mean like full on Monty Python with flying lettuce and cabbage. Turns out the guy was a former Stasi-informer and all these people were attacking him. It got to the point where the bus driver pulled over and told the man to get out – for his own safety. That’s when the wolves circled in for the kill and the spitting began.

As he got off he was hollering, “YOU DON”T KNOW WHAT IT WAS LIKE!!”

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  • Dan says:

    I know that people from this era are alive at the same time as us, but it feels so remote and so odd to actually bump into some drama in the first person.

    The old lady who lived in the flat below us in Munich was charming, right up to the day she proudly recounted that she had won a beauty pageant in her youth and had been the local “All Hitler girl” or something like that. She then proceeded to say horrible things about Russians (mostly) and how Hitler should have finished the job. It was surreal. I’ve also often wondered what about my demeanor gave her the incorrect impression that I would sympathize with her.

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