Healthy Kids, Happy Moms (Tropicana)

 Healthy Kids, Happy Moms (Tropicana)
Site: Healthy Kids, Happy Moms
Client: Tropicana®
URL: (retired)
  • Announce new Tropicana® Pure Premium® Healthy Kids orange juice
  • Virally distribute downloadable screensaver and coupon for new product to consumers

Within 6 weeks, the Healthy Kids, Happy Moms Web site went from initial design, through development, with a satellite media tour accompanying the site’s launch. As part of the viral marketing campaign surrounding the product launch, an interactive screensaver was created, based upon certain sections of site content, which was made available in both Macintosh and Windows formats. To selected recipients (those within the target market segment) an email was sent pointing to a coupon, which could be used towards the purchase of the new Tropicana® Pure Premium® Healthy Kids orange juice.

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