Allergy Action Plan (Wyeth)

 Allergy Action Plan
Site: Allergy Action Plan
Client: Wyeth
  • Provide users with an allergy assessment tool in order to gauge the severity and nature of their allergies
  • Through partnership with, users have access to customized pollen forecasts and can sign up to receive allergy alert emails
  • Supply users with informational content, links, and resources regarding seasonal allergies and treatment options
  • Macromedia ColdFusion 5
  • JavaScript 1.2 (for rollovers, pop-up windows, and form validation)
  • DeepMetrix LiveStats XSP

Original site was designed and developed (using Macromedia Dreamweaver) by other team members with certain elements of backend functionality (such as the Allergy Action Plan Self-Screening Tool, Allergy ALERT! sign up form, and allergy forecast form) being created and implemented just prior to launch.

Additional consultation and recommendations have been made throughout the site’s life (launched June 2003) in order to design and develop additional updates which provide site visitors with fresh, topical content specific to the season (such as the Fall and Spring Allergy Capitals pages),

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